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The right & wrong ways to pitch ideas at work w/ Jason Swett

The best idea doesn't always win. You have to understand someone and build a relationship with them before they'll listen. Jason Swett, host of the Rails with Jason podcast, and I talk about ways to pitch ideas that'll get people to listen.

Shipping dozens of websites w/ Ryan Maynard

How many domains have you bought and done nothing with? In today's episode, Ryan Maynard and I explore how finishing projects, even joke ones, can help you develop the skills needed to get your work out into the world and overcome the fear of launching a new product.

How software can be racist (and what you can do to stop it.)

The first two episodes, and the following three, were all recording before the protests over George Floyd's death began in the United States. I imagine that the content of those episodes would have been different if they were recorded later. I wanted to clarify that neither my guests nor I were trying to be silent or to ignore the current conversation about the treatment of black people in America. In today's episode, I dive into how racism can influence software design, and what you can do about it.

Writing code & wrangling cats - from developer to manager and back w/ Marilyn Cole

Marilyn and I discuss moving from developer to manager, and what managers can do to help their team learn and grow.

Macchiato Moments - how miscommunication dooms software projects w/ Morgan Lopes

How can we avoid miscommunications between technical and non-technical people that cause software projects to fail? Software engineer and entrepreneur Morgan Lopes is here to help us try and figure it out.


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