Marketing yourself & your products by learning in public w/ Shawn Wang

Hot off the launch of his new book, Shawn sits down to talk with me about personal marketing via working in public. We go into detail about how he wrote a book with the most insane bibliography you've ever seen and made $25,000 on launch day.

Key Takeaways : 
  • Take two weeks, put something out there, and see how making your first dollar online changes your life - 2:00
  • Shawn explains how he went from idea to pre-selling the book. - 2:45
  • Shawn talks about open sourcing his knowledge with his launch cheat sheet - 6:00
  • Shawn made it to #5 on Hacker News, before his post was removed due to HN's "unwritten rules" - 8:15
  • How can developers get started marketing? 12:45
  • "It's not so much about learning '1 weird trick' as it is showing up and putting in the work consistently." - 13:45
  • You're going to suck at first, but everyone does, so be okay with that." - 14:30
  • The second blog post I read on your site is the most important one - 17:40
  • How to get feedback from people you admire, and go from fan to friend: 18:15 
  • How learning in public helped Shawn land a job at Amazon - 22:15
  • Curate multiple sources, and look for the differences - 28:30 
  • Special guest commentary from my dog ShortStop - 31:00
  • Launching a book can be a test run for bigger independent projects - 31:30


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