Shipping dozens of websites w/ Ryan Maynard

How many domains have you bought and done nothing with? In today's episode, Ryan Maynard and I explore how finishing projects, even joke ones, can help you develop the skills needed to get your work out into the world and overcome the fear of launching a new product.
Ryan Maynard

  • If you have an idea, act on it. It's like exercising a muscle - 4:00
  • when something is an idea, it's perfect. You try to protect it by not executing on it. - 5:30
  • Why it's easier to fix problems after building something, not before - 8:15
  • Ryan builds, then sells, a livestock calculator - 11:15
  • Ryan writes letters to baseball players - 14:45
  • Exploring the big world of small software companies - 15:45
  • "reach out to smarter people when you're in over your head" - 24:15
  • "It's not about who is most brilliant, it's about who has the passion and desire to get the work out there that wins." - 25:15
  • Avoid feeling busy without the needle - 27:15
  • Shipping is about overcoming fear - 30:45

Ryan's Rapid Deployment Stack

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