The right & wrong ways to pitch ideas at work w/ Jason Swett

The best idea doesn't always win. You have to understand someone and build a relationship with them before they'll listen. Jason Swett, host of the Rails with Jason podcast, and I talk about ways to pitch ideas that'll get people to listen.

  • When ideas don't get accepted, it isn't always based on merit.  - 1:45
  • Sometimes you shouldn't pitch an idea, because the person on the other side isn't receptive - 4:15
  • "We have more stuff to do than time to do it, the story of all software development everywhere" - 6:45
  • "The only way to get someone to do something is to make them want to do it" - 10:15
  • "If I have to sell on them if there is a problem at all, how am I going to sell them on a solution?" - 13:15 
  • On balancing honesty and tact, and having radical candor - 16:00 
  • Having a good relationship makes persuasion easier - 17:15
  • Deposits & Withdrawals in emotional bank accounts - 19:30
  • Persuasion isn't manipulative; it's the skill of how to present ideas - 22:30

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