Writing code & wrangling cats - from developer to manager and back w/ Marilyn Cole

Marilyn and I discuss moving from developer to manager, and what managers can do to help their team learn and grow.
Marilyn on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mmmarilyn
Seller Labs Engineering Blog: https://engineering.sellerlabs.com/

  • People think if you don't have structure, then you don't have politics. When in fact, when you don't have structure, there's more political wrangling that happens because it's all implicit. - 3:37
  • Being a manager makes you more introspective. - 8:45
  • on blameless retrospectives: "assume everyone made the best decision they could with what they knew at the time" - 10:05A lot of managers with programming experience end up building analytics stuff to still scratch that itch. - 14:45 
  • If you want to make the leap to management, make sure that interest is known. - 16:45 
  • lots of managers make the mistake of wanting to do the work - 20:05
  • How to Model engineer skills using Dungeons & Dragons attributes - 22:00

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